Nancy is a retiree from Wichita. While she knows that she's very fortunate to have a home to go to each day, she admits that she's unable to live there most of the time. With a leaky roof and no heat, she often has to stay with family — especially during the winter. She would love to be able to repair her house, but Nancy's small, monthly Social Security checks only cover the basics — and lately, not even that. Her years of working in a labor-intensive job have caused her to develop health problems that require regular doctor visits. The bills she receives leave little money for food and other essentials. Unable to pay for all of her expenses each month, it wasn't long before hunger became a real possibility for Nancy. That's when she decided to visit Westside Good Neighbor Center, a Food Bank hunger-relief agency in Wichita. Now, when money is tight, she no longer has to worry about missing a meal. Nancy loves that the Center encourages clients to choose items themselves. This allows her to select fresh ingredients that will help her stay healthy. Thanks to you, seniors like Nancy don't have to choose between paying their medical bills and buying groceries. Instead, she and countless others can receive food from their local pantry, which provides nutritious meals for those who can't afford them.

"Thank God for you!"

Nancy speaks passionately when asked about how your support of the Food Bank has impacted her life. She never thought she'd need this kind of help, but she's grateful that it's available to her in her time of need. "Thank God for you," she says, with tears of gratitude streaming down her face.